Policy for Video and Photography

The technology world and the resulting media is an ever changing environment. Temple Baptist Church (the “Church”) may video our services or events in part or in their entirety and make them available through various methods including live streaming, a link on our website or over social media, or physical media such as DVD’s. Still images may also be published in bulletins, flyers, tracts, etc. or through various electronic platforms and means, including social media.

To facilitate this:

  1. A notice will be included in the church bulletin advising that we are videoing our services for live streaming, or viewing on our website or through social media,
  2. When children or youth under the age of 18 are involved in productions such as Christmas, Easter or others, and they are being recorded, a release (see attached form) signed by their parents must be obtained in advance, and
  3. Any pictures or recordings done in programs such as Sunday School, Connect Classes or Student Ministries that include children or youth under the age of 18 in their programs require completion of a release (see attached form) signed by their parents, prior to any distribution or posting of these images.

General Procedures – Services

In general, camera angles which include individuals attending or participating in the services, will be tight frames and viewed from the back or the side. However, the design of our facility does not permit assurances that faces of those present will not be recognizable. Generally, close up views are not used. Exceptions to this may be made for recording of weddings, baptisms, special presentations and other events.

Protection of Copyright Materials

Certain items such as songs and images may be projected on to a screen for the sole use of the church. We will endeavour to avoid capturing these items while videoing a service, so that they are not included in the sermons and other materials made available on the web.

General Principles for Photography

  1. We try not to post anything that would be embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful to anyone in the photo.
  2. We do not put names as captions with photos (except for pastors/staff or other adult members who have given written consent).
  3. We will gladly provide credit for who took a particular photo, if desired by the photographer, and we would certainly honour any copyright wishes or restrictions.
  4. We will gladly remove any photo immediately upon request.

News Photos

While news photos do not usually require permission, the following guidelines are applicable:

  1. Do not intrude into anyone’s solitude, seclusion or private property without permission.
  2. Do not publish (whether by photos or stories) private information without permission.
  3. Do not print any photo or story that presents the subject in a false light.
  4. Do not appropriate any photo of any person for any commercial use (such as advertisements, or even for illustrations months after the news event) without permission.
  5. In addition, unlike the public media, church publications generally follow the practice of not publishing photos or stories that present people in a negative light, even if the facts warrant such coverage.

Approved: October 9, 2018