Convene Women's Conference - Waiting (2017)

Session 1- Ellen Graf-Martin
Sisterhood can be scary but it is worth it. Drawing on personal experiences and Biblical truth, Ellen shares her passion for choosing sisterhood in the middle of the wait and encourages women to show up, be present and walk alongside each other.

Session 2 - Ellen Graf-Martin
When life goes sideways, it can be hard to believe that God has not forgotten us, and that His plans for us are still good. God can redeem our minutes, hours and days, just as well as He redeems our lives, it is far easier to find purpose in our pain. Ellen takes us to the biblical account of Joseph to show us his story of Wait.

Session 3 - Barbara Ayton
Life was just starting to get back on track when the diagnosis of a fatal disease crashed into their hopes and dreams and left them waiting, suspended somewhere in the in between of life and death, love and loss.

Session 4 - Lori Stairs
We tend to think of the experience of waiting as a waste of our time - sitting in a waiting room we think of all the other things we would rather be doing. It’s frustrating! Waiting is a complete waste of our time! At least that’s how we see it. But how does God view our seasons of waiting? Does He look at it as a wearisome lull in our spiritual journey until we can get to the next significant event? Well, let’s look at God’s Word together and discover God’s perspective on our waiting. I think we will be surprised to see what God means to accomplish in our lives as we wait on Him.

Training Date: 
Friday, October 20, 2017