Restoration Church Plant

Restoration Church is launched!

We have had … a baby church! It’s a girl – a daughter church named Restoration Church that is attempting to join Jesus in turning the broken people of Southwood in West Galt, Cambridge into whole people who multiply Christ followers.

Why Southwood? There is a great opportunity to reach studying millennials, wealthy retirees, and struggling families in a spiritually under-resourced neighbourhood since 22% of West Southwood come from single homes and 17% of households live in low income housing. Restoration Church’s vision is to see connections to the unchurch REBUILT, multiplying disciples RAISED UP, broken families REPAIRED, and Southwood RESTORED back to God.

Why church plant? At Temple, we have seen God done amazing things and turned us from a church in decline to a church that has reconciled with God and all those we are aware of. Just like in a broken marriage, when God brings about reconciliation it is often followed by multiplication and a baby. We aim to be multipliers of multipliers. So when many would consider our church past its childbearing years, we are planting a church to collectively seek and see Jesus save the lost.

Who have we sent? Pastor Aaron and Nikki Ottaway are leading roughly 40 people from Temple and their first official service is Sunday, September 9th. Please pray for Restoration Church and if you would like to support Restoration Church, you can at and let us know by emailing

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