Why become a member at Temple?

  • To show you belong to a local church.
  • To voluntarily make yourself accountable to a local church and its leaders.

What is the process?

  • To be saved and baptized by immersion
  • To be interviewed by Elders
  • To give a short testimony of your salvation and why you have chosen to worship God at Temple
  • Sign the TBC Membership Covenant
  • To be voted on by membership

What are the expectations of members?

  1. Attend a church service weekly
  2. Join a small group
  3. Serve in a ministry based on your spiritual gifts
  4. Give the amount the Lord puts on your heart to the work of the Lord at Temple
  5. Pray for the Church to make disciples as well as praying for your Church’s leaders
  6. Promote unity in the Church

What should you expect from Temple as a member?

  1. To love and care for you
  2. To grow and teach you everything Jesus commanded
  3. To hold you accountable to the commands of Christ
  4. To equip you to serve Christ