Mother Daughter Breakfast

Ladies, join us on Saturday, May 5, at 9:30 am, for our Mother Daughter Breakfast. Cost is $5/person, children under 10 are $2.

Special Speaker: Dr. Rose Zacharias Meeder
Dr. Rose Zacharias Meeder is a medical doctor that has engaged all kinds of people in meaningful conversations.

Rose believes that the greatest human need is to be seen, heard and understood. We value one another when we reach across divides of misunderstanding and build bridges. Our best tools are conversations that move from superficial to meaningful.

From the emergency room to the psychiatry ward, her clinical work has been invaluable in creating opportunities to build a bridge of understanding between people in critical life events. These life-skills of inclusive conversation and non-judgment are so important when it comes to engaging people of different faith perspectives in intelligent and respectful conversations about God. Her podcast show “Intersection” features candid conversations with guests who share difficult and often controversial life stories in the context of faith.

Tickets available until April 29.